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Freeze Access to Your Credit File

Applying a security freeze prohibits LexisNexis Risk Solutions and SageStream from releasing your LexisNexis Consumer Disclosure Report, your SageStream Consumer Report, or your credit score without your express authorization. The security freeze is designed to prevent credit, loans, and services from being approved in your name without your consent. However, a security freeze does not apply to companies, or collection agencies acting on behalf of such companies, with which you have an existing account that requests information in your consumer report for the purposes of reviewing or collecting the account. Reviewing the account includes activities related to account maintenance, monitoring, credit line increases, and account upgrades and enhancements. LexisNexis Risk Solutions does not charge a fee to apply, lift or remove a security freeze from your file.

All security freezes that are requested through this portal will only be in place at LexisNexis Risk Solutions and SageStream and not other credit reporting agencies. For example, the security freeze will not be in place at TransUnion, Equifax or Experian, Innovis or others.

Security Freeze

A consumer has the right, pursuant to state law, to request a security freeze be placed on certain LexisNexis Risk Solutions reports, and for LexisNexis Risk Solutions to not release those reports without the consumer lifting the security freeze. When this occurs, a customer that inquires on the consumer receives only a notification that the consumer has placed a security freeze on their file.

A security freeze has the following effects on a consumer's report:

  1. No consumer information is returned to a customer if the consumer has a security freeze on their file, and the customer's permissible purpose is one that the consumer's state of residence had determined blocks the report.
  2. A consumer will receive their LexisNexis Consumer Disclosure Report, if they request it.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions offers security freezes–and lifts security freezes–free of charge.

Permissible Purpose

Permissible Purposes are mandated by each state, therefore a consumer's state of residence determines what information is permissible to return. If the purpose has been deemed to be permissible, information will be returned and an inquiry will show on the consumer's report even when a security freeze is in place. Any inquiries NOT deemed as having a permissible purpose, will not return any consumer information.

Security Freeze Message

The actual alert that appears on a consumer's report appears below:

The subject of this consumer report currently has a security freeze on file preventing the return of the information you requested. If the consumer would like their security freeze lifted, please instruct them to call LexisNexis Risk Solutions at 1-800-456-1244.

1. Request Your Security Freeze Online

You can request your security freeze, or temporarily lift or permanently remove your security freeze, as well as order a replacement PIN for either yourself, a minor child (under the age of 16), or a protected consumer using our online Security Freeze Forms. To make your security freeze request online, select the correct option below:

Once we have verified and processed your request, you will receive a letter in the U.S. Mail confirming that your request has been completed.

2. Request a Security Freeze by U.S. Mail

You can request your security freeze via U.S. Mail using the address below:

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Consumer Center
Attn: Security Freeze
P.O. Box 105108
Atlanta, GA 30348-5108

3. Request Your Security Freeze by Phone

You can request your security freeze via phone at 1-800-456-1244.

Your FCRA Rights (Federal and State)

Read about your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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